Former “American Idol Judge” and creator of the new hit “The X Factor,” Simon Cowell, is known for his overtly cynical criticisms of new talent aspiring to be stars. Apparently he comes at verterans too, specifically Beyonce. Cowell revisits when the mega star made him eat his negative comments about her being a “boring” entertainer during an interview with Extra on Tuesday.

“I find the whole Beyonce thing really mystifying, She’s not sexy, she hasn’t got a great body and she’s not a great singer,” are the words Cowell uttered about Beyonce in 2007. He told Extra’s AJ Calloway that after those comments he had a  meeting with Beyonce and it was beyond awkward. Queen Bey then appeared on the UK version of his show, “The X Factor,” a year later and blew him away with her vocal and performance abilities. “…she came on my show about a year later in the UK and it was still obviously in her head what I said and I apologized, I was wrong. She sang better than anyone I’ve ever heard in my whole life. Then at one point, she looked over to me and went ‘criticize that,’” Cowell told Extra.

When asked if she really said that to him he responded, “Her eyes [did]. I’ll never forget the look.”

Beyonce definitely made him into a believer. Now, when people ask him about the pop diva he sings her praises. “[I would describe Beyonce as] ambitious, talented, competitive. She defines this new breed of I’ve called super pop stars and they’re all girls at the moment. It’s like a new super species who literally want to rule the world. I remember when she came out with that song there was no irony-she wants to rule the world,” he told Extra.

Im sure the next time he wants to express his disdain for an established artist that he’ll think twice. Or maybe he just won’t invite them on his show so that they can put him in his place the way Bey did.

Check out the interview below and the performance that made Cowell change his tune.

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