Mo’ Beyonce, mo’ Beyonce, mo’ Beyonce…

Mrs. Knowles-Carter is getting it IN before her pending maternity leave. This weekend, the teaser for yet another video release from 4 hit the internet. This first reveal from”Love On Top”  should look familiar, as it is a new take on New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love” video. It’s cute, but Shirtless Guy made me LOL.

One of the biggest criticisms of Bey’s work is the use of other artists’/choreographers’ imagery without always crediting them properly. Considering that a good percentage of her fans can look at this video and recognize the NE interpolation (as opposed to some of the other ‘borrows’ which were revealed to us after our initial viewing), does that make the concept a little bit easier to swallow this time around? Do we need her to publicly acknowledge the “If It Isn’t Love” action, or is that up to those of us who remember the original to make the younger fans aware?

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