Well well well, look who is crying about his alleged victims speaking out after a settlement was made. That’s right, the law firm representing Bishop Eddie Long of New Hope Baptist Church in Atlanta sent out  a letter this week to three out of the five young men involved in the alleged sex scandal asking for his money back. He claims that they broke a confidentiality agreement, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Jamal Parris, Spencer LeGrande and Centino Kemp filed a lawsuit against the Bishop in September 2010 alleging that once they reached the legal age of consent that the Bishop coerced them into sexual relationships. Before the case could go to trial, the Bishop settled with the young men paying each of them $900,000 and part of this settlement was a confidentiality agreement that the plantiffs agreed to uphold. Since the settlement Parris, LeGrande and Kemp have spoken out publicly about the alleged sexual relationships they each had with Long. They did this knowing the consequences of their actions, but as LeGrande told the AJC in August, “I’m going to tell the world – money does not buy happiness. When you sleep at night, the problems are still there. The money stuff, who cares about the number. I feel like burning [the money],” he said.

Atlanta litigator, Hayden Pace, stated that just because Long asks for the money back doesn’t mean he is going to get it. He will have to battle it out in court in order to prove that he has the rights to take back the funds. Pace believed that the letters are nothing more than threats in order to scare the alleged victims into silence.

This is obviously not going to happen as Parris, LeGrande and Kemp told the AJC that they plan to collaborate on a tell-all book about what took place while they were in alleged relationships with Bishop Long.

It appears that the Bishop did not get off as easily as he thought by paying off the plaintiffs. We’ll have to wait and see how the rest of this plays out. His accusers want their stories to be heard, no matter what the cost.

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  • DJ

    I do not condone liars nor ministers who cheat. The fact is that the guys said that Long waited until they were legal adults then coersed them into having a relationship with him. They then say that despite the fact that they took money and signed a legal document, that they are going to ignore it because it is their rights, and their stories must be told, as if they were some how wronged. Really? They have probably spent the first money, while hollering we don’t care about the money, the money can be burned. Yet, have not given it up, despite their statements. These guys are low-lives, not victims. They can’t have it both ways. They were adults who had consentual sex with this guy, knowing he was married. Using his position, they blackmailed him. They got the money and said nothing for years, until the scandal. They then came scurrying from the cracks like rats, looking for a bigger pay-off. Long is disgusting, but so are these guys.