As proclaimed by American Black Film Festival founder Jeff Friday, October is now Black Movie Month, and this year’s celebration of African American filmmaking will recognize the groundbreaking classic comedy, Hollywood Shuffle.

The landmark film that showcased a blend of raw comedy, keen cultural insight and a potent dose of sheer originality was innovative not just in its content, but its execution as well. The production of the film led by Robert Townsend and Keenan Ivory Wayans was an independent film in the purest sense, down to the use of credit cards used to finance the timeless cult classic.

Inspired by Hollywood Shuffle is independent film, Chicken And Beef Presents: Monkey Gang, The Mockumentary, which will conclude Black Movie Month’s Hollywood Black Film Festival. Hollywood Shuffle’s influence can be observed throughout the ‘mockumentary’s parody of modern, negative stereotypes of hip-hop culture.

The following clip, which features film impresarios Townsend and Wayans speaking on their experiences bringing the trailblazing film to life as well as Wayans stating that if he were to parody a Black film today, “It would be a blank screen ’cause there are none.” Bringing up the rear is a rather comical teaser of the Chicken And Beef Mockumentary:

The Hollywood Black Film Festival goes down in LA from October 27-30th. Check www.hbff.org for details.


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