Last week, Seattle police nabbed Phoenix Jones, a real-life caped crusader, after he alleged pepper-sprayed a group of club goers as they were leaving a party.

Jones–who patrols the streets in a custom-made black and gold armored suit–claims he thought he was breaking up a fight when he maced the group.

The Associated Press reports:

Fabio Heuring was standing outside a Seattle nightclub with a friend on a Saturday night, smoking cigarettes, when a man bolting from a bouncer ran into them. Enraged, the man ripped off his shirt in the middle of the street and prepared to give Heuring’s buddy a beating.

Just then, in swooped a bizarre sight: a self-proclaimed superhero in a black mask and matching muscle-suit. He doused the aggressor with pepper spray, much to Heuring’s shocked relief.

A couple hours later, though, using those tactics on another group of club goers would land the superhero — Benjamin Fodor, better known as Phoenix Jones — in jail for investigation of assault.

Phoenix Jones is apart of a growing “superhero” movement in the Seattle area, which has apparently been inspired by the film Kickass.

Jones says he got involved with the movement “to make a difference and stop crime in [his] neighborhood.”

Although Phoenix Jones was arrested for pepper spraying the crowd, he has yet to be charged with a crime. He appeared in court wearing his signature costume under a button-down shirt.

While the police are grateful for the extra set of eyes offered by local superheroes, they’d like them to limit their actions to calling 911. They warn potential heroes that stopping a crime in progress could lead to their own lives being put in danger.

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