I was pursing the advertising blog Kiss My Black Ads when I saw this poignant image from artist Alexandra Dal.

While I nodded my head at each of items listed on the comic, I wondered if advertisers can ever effectively market things to African Americans, and specifically Black women, without falling back on tired stereotypes (uh, hello sassy Tide girl).

Although I understand the need to want to target specific demographics, when will companies realize that Black women shop, go to restaurants, and clean their homes just like everyone else?

What kind of advice would you give advertisers looking to market to Black women? 

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  • Laina

    We do not all talk with a sing song voice. Some of us know what ecru is and prefer not to wear white after Labor Day. Also, we don’t transform from a little girl riding a bike to driving a car and still have a voice of a child. Nothing against the women in both commercials but I wish they had better opportunities.

    • OMG that ecru / white commercial just whooooo. i can’t do it!
      I can hear them telling her ‘we need you to sound blacker’. I feel bad for her every time it comes on.

  • grace

    At least some ad marketing campaigns are aware of what they are doing. Did you ever see that Kotex commercial? “I’m a believably attractive 18- to 24-year-old female,” she says. “You can relate to me because I’m racially ambiguous. Market research shows that girls like you love girls like me.” LOL


  • meme

    I was just thinking about this subject just last week after watching an Old Navy commercial.

  • The real problem is that it’s always 1 Black person. 1. And everyone and their grandma has to fight tooth and nail over how ze looks and acts and what their interests are.