In a new PSA, some of Hollywood’s hottest celebs team up to shed light on the heartbreaking famine ravaging East Africa.

Bono, Idris Elba, Annie Lennox, Clive Ownen, Mike Huckabee, Jessica Alba, Liya Kebede, and others teamed up with anti-poverty group ONE, to shed light on the disastrous conditions threatening nearly a million people across the region.

During the PSA, the celebs repeatedly dropped the F-bomb in an attempt to show that “famine is the real obscenity.”

According to ONE’s website, “The famine in Somalia could kill 750,000 in the coming months, and tens of thousands have already died.” The group is asking that people sign a petition to pressure member nations of the G20 to break the cycle of famine and hunger across the world.

Watch ONE’s anti-famine PSA. Do you think this campaign will work?

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