In a new PSA, some of Hollywood’s hottest celebs team up to shed light on the heartbreaking famine ravaging East Africa.

Bono, Idris Elba, Annie Lennox, Clive Ownen, Mike Huckabee, Jessica Alba, Liya Kebede, and others teamed up with anti-poverty group ONE, to shed light on the disastrous conditions threatening nearly a million people across the region.

During the PSA, the celebs repeatedly dropped the F-bomb in an attempt to show that “famine is the real obscenity.”

According to ONE’s website, “The famine in Somalia could kill 750,000 in the coming months, and tens of thousands have already died.” The group is asking that people sign a petition to pressure member nations of the G20 to break the cycle of famine and hunger across the world.

Watch ONE’s anti-famine PSA. Do you think this campaign will work?

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  • carl

    Sadly i agree with most posters here!!

    One of the big issues with international aid and charity is that it operates like a big industry which markets the suffering of the poor (just the way one markets a hollywood movie) to boost up their events.. So they’ll get lots of sad faces to obtain their funds, then reassure us it’s “gone out to help”, but in the end the emphasis remains the television spectacle and whether or not it catches on.

    it’s all about making people feel “good” about themselves, and good about giving, and secured in their position on the world stage (“look how lucky you are!).
    it truly is about maintaining one’s status that’s all.

    It’s all a sick and hypocritical spectacle.

    I feel you can never truly “help” someone you freely exploit the suffering of, even for the purpose of funds raising..it’s not done.
    And you cannot value a human being who isn’t presented as an equal…it’s not done either.
    All these orgs must know that, and yet their campaigns are riddle with such anomalies anyway.

    As long as fostering inequality and suffering remains the name of game at ANY level (case in point: check out the ratio of celebs lending a hand in this video who happen to be white, vs. celebs who are black. count the number of asian celebrities) the hypocrisy endures..
    Many of these orgs are unfortunately part of the problem..

    • African Mami

      Word! But I would also like to add another culprit to your list…..those that receive the donations on behalf of the suffering, usually the governments of these developing nations. They are the biggest hypocrites out there. They siphon the money to their personal accounts?!

  • This would be a temporary solution to a long term problem, which seems to always be the case when celebs solicit donations through no fault of their own. This isn’t the first time famine has hit East African, its a cycle over there because the same local governments and international foreign policies never address the root causes of the famine. Till than were just going to see the same thing every year with this becoming the thing “to do” for celebs.

  • Mr. Man

    @PGS in no way am I resting blame on my God in any shape form or fashion, I know waaaaaayyy better than that, I’m throughly aware that it is a result of man greed. I was simply saying that famine has now reached a point to where it can only be corrected by him. My apologies if I sent an opposite message.