Looks like MTV finally got it right! “Chelsea Settles” is a new reality show that plays by its own rules and shows the good, the bad and the ugly with no apologies attached. “The Hills” and “The City” tried to lure viewers with the glitz and the glamour of a lifestyle that for most is virtually unattainable and not relatable. ‘Chelsea Settles” is a story about a young women struggling to overcome and overpower the chains of emotional imprisonment that have held her hostage all her life and kept her from pursuing her life long goals.

The show follows Settles, from her hometown of Pittsburgh, where she was a caretaker to a mother battling life-threatening diabetes, and also dealing with a crippling weight problem, to her decision to take control of her future by making the drastic decision to move to Los Angeles to build a career in the fashion industry.

At 324 pounds, the newest MTV Reality Star, has had her share of discouragements and self-esteem issues, and the cameras capture every heart-breaking moment. Including scenes that show her breaking down after a very revealing weigh-in at the gym, and then another tear-jerking moment when she finally garners enough courage to attend her cousin’s birthday party at a club, only to be discarded to the side by the bouncer and eventually forgotten. It doesn’t end there. She finally leaves the scene in a huff and feeling pretty much defeated, but then she encounters a group of drunken hecklers, who call her every name in the book which understandably puts her over the edge and she decides that she is done with filming and all bets are off.

But something amazing comes out of her unsettling experience as we watch her safely and cautiously come out of her shell and embrace the future that awaits her. Social situations present a huge dilemma but she can’t let that hold her back. She wants to live a life that she deserves, despite a body frame that threatens to hold her back and reduce her dreams to dust.

It’s so refreshing to see her make it happen! She actively makes plans to move to a city where your physical endowments are your playing cards and without the winning stack, you are out of luck. She cruises Craigslist finds her roommate Jenna, and heads out to the land of dreams with her cousin in tow.

The story continues and plays out in heart-rending honesty with enough sprinkles of humor and dramatics to keep viewers coming back from more.

If you haven’t checked this out yet, you have to give it try and prepare to be hooked!

“Chelsea Settles” airs every Tuesday night at 10pm on MTV

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