Rock royalty, Coldplay, teamed up with pop princess Rihanna for the group’s upcoming fifth studio album, Mylo Xyloto, due out later this month.

Rihanna–who continues to refuse to be placed in a box–lent her vocals to the haunting, synthesized track, “Princess in China,” which has her trading lines and harmonizing with Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

What do you think, Clutchettes? Love it or leave it alone? 

*hat tip to theYBF

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  • isolde

    I’ve had it on repeat since yesterday. The vocals, the arrangements . . . very nice. I really want this song to be on her new album. I totally see this slaying on pop and top 40 formats!

    I think this is going to be like Love the Way you Lie, which Eminem’s camp didn’t initially intend to release as his second single, but once Recovery dropped, the Navy and other fans bought the single until it reached top 3 US i-tunes, which prompted Em’s camp to release it, and it became a massive hit. Once Mylo goes on sale on i-tunes, “Princess of China” is going to chart without airplay based on sales alone.

  • lolabadchick

    Chris Martin from Coldplay is SUPER hot!!!! the track is HOT because he’s on it!

  • Nire

    Loved it…….

  • Nick

    I actually really like Coldplay (and I generally stay away from pop music). However, I really hate this song. I really like the rest of Mylo Xyloto – but honestly, every time I get to this song, I know I’m going to skip it. It wouldn’t be bad if it was maybe a line or two of Rihanna..but most of the song is her..and I hate her vocals..

    I really hate “featuring” songs, actually.

    If this song was just Coldplay, I probably would have liked it..shame.

  • It has the musical like a Vietnamese song , which created in a Vietnamese singer’s in 2008. It is not a religous song, but but some about Buddha praying