It’s been an interesting week for intellectual activist, Cornel West. The inimitable professor from Princeton was arrested twice this past week. As CLUTCH reported, West was arrested on Sunday for protesting on the steps of the Supreme Court, but not charged with a crime.
Fast-forward to Friday, while demonstrating against the NYPD’s stop & frisk tactics, Cornel West found himself in handcuffs again. More than 200 people gathered on the steps of Harlem’s 28th precinct police station shouting “Cease and desist, stop and frisk” and “We say no to the new Jim Crow; stop and frisk has got to go.”
The protesters outrage stems from the departments so called ‘random’ search policy, which just so happens to disproportionately target Black & Brown men. Word of a crooked cop bragging about his “race-based arrests” added fuel to the fire as well, New York Magazine reports.

West was among 30 people who were arrested, including Revolutionary Communist Party spokesman Carl Dix and Riverside Church’s interim senior minister Rev. Stephen Phelps. The Uptowner reveals that According to New York Civil Liberties Union, “the NYPD have stopped and frisked over 360,000 New Yorkers in the first half of this year alone, or roughly 2,000 people a day. The analyses also found that more than 80 percent of those stopped are black or Latino, and that over 85 percent are totally innocent at the time of the search, according to the police department’s own reports.”

Just prior to his arrest West declared,

“We stand here in front of the police department in a spirit of love… We love everybody, but we zero in on our disproportionately-targeted black and brown bothers.”

“We’d go to jail for you,” he said. Inciting immense applause from the demonstrators, West told the police, “If you gotta take us to jail, get ready to take us to jail.”

Click here for more details on the uprising in Harlem.


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