A London coroner confirmed what many had been suspected to be the cause of troubled singer Amy Winehouse’s death this past summer. At a formal inquest into the 27-year-old’s demise, Suzanne Greenway provided the verdict “death by misadventure”, stating that the late songstress had died from voluntarily drinking too much alcohol. A pathologist testified that Winehouse was more than five times over the legal drunk-driving limit when she was found dead in her bed on July 23.

Winehouse’s parents had publicly speculated that their daughter’s death may have been the result of “alcohol withdrawal” after attempting to quit drinking cold turkey and have also insisted that she had no drugs in her system at the time of her death. An initial autopsy proved “inconclusive”, leading to the current formal inquest into her death.

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  • Lady T

    Oh my

  • I don’t see this as a complete shocker. given amy winehouse’s addictions, her family and friends should have sought medical help because many know that going cold turkey is dangerous and usually the addict relapses or ventures off in to other harmful substances.

    • Perverted Alchemist

      The problem is that her family and friends tried intervention on numerous occasions as far as getting her help. Either she flat out refused or went to rehab and would leave before she completed the program. People have tried to help her, but she wanted to live her life this way.

    • mary mary

      I agree with Perverted alchemist, I mean she wrote a hit song about not wanting to go to rehab, duh. For real. How can this be blamed on friends and family? I just hope she is resting in peace now.