VistaPrint is an online printing company that very aggressively markets its low-cost business cards, postcards and other branding materials. I don’t complain, I’ve actually used them on a number of occasions and have been pleased with their work. However, I’m a little on the fence about one of their latest products: “dating cards”:

I have carried cards with simply my name and contact deets, which I used for folks who I didn’t want to share my work information with…this included honey dips, of course. However, I think I would be a bit turned off if I got a card that said “Stand Up Guy”. I think I may actually die laughing. You’d have to be Idris Elba status to get away with something this corny and still get a phone call. I also advocate against giving someone you just met your Twitter/other social media contact information. I’ve had tooooo many people say that they had a certain image of me because of social media that didn’t jibe with who I am “offline”. I’d rather someone who I was trying to date had more real life encounters with me before reading my Tweets…especially because I would have to Tweet “Hell naw, this dude just gave me a card that says Stand Up Guy. #heluckyhefine”

That said, I suggest just getting a plain joint with your name, number and e-mail before getting “Wifey Material” emblazoned on a card.

Would you order dating cards? Would you be receptive to getting one that was obviously created for macking purposes? 

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  • LOL @ “Wifey Material” Not my thing… but to each his own…

  • I totally agree with you! A) I wouldn’t like a guy that handed me this card B) I also wouldn’t want a potential mate to read my tweets. He might get the wrong idea reading what I think about the contestants on The Bachelorette because I can be pretty snarky. Or he might read one of my blog posts about how online dating sucks. Giving someone my Twitter handle is like giving them a key to my heart. haha I realize it is totally indexed by search engines, but he doesn’t need to know that for sure it’s the same person. I am considering just getting simple cards that don’t even have my last name – phone number and maybe email address. I even use Google Voice for dating so if someone gets too creepy and won’t respect your requests to stop calling/texting, you can just block them. Even with a simple card though I think a guy might read into it that you are a little too desperate that you have a card printed up – so it needs to look like a card you might use for other purposes as well. So I actually think for now I’ll stick with the napkin method – or just have him add my number to his phone.