When I first heard the commercial for the dating site WhatsYourPrice.com I thought it was a joke. As I listened to the description of the site–which allows users to set prices they’d either pay or charge for dates–I couldn’t help thinking it sounded a little like prostitution.

I made a note to myself to go to the website to check it out (for curiosity’s sake) and, yeah, I’m still convinced that it’s verrrrrry close to prostitution.

WhatsYourPrice.com breaks users into two categories: The attractive (women) and The generous (men). It allows women to create profiles and name their own price for a date. So, if you think you’re worth $100, you can charge that amount for a first date. The man would then pay you $100, and you’d make money simply by going out on the date. On the flip side, a “generous” user can say he’d pay $100 for a date, and interested women can vie for his interest and snag a date that would pay them (the woman) $100.

Although the site insists the money is to illustrate interest and not sex, it sounds a little creepy to me. But according to the site’s testimonials seems to work.

One user wrote: “I had a wonderful date with a wonderful guy on Sat Oct.1st.He was a gentleman.He flew in from NYC,w had a great time.And the way he gave me the money was very creatve.So thank you for your site.”

While another (a Black woman), said: “It was nerve racking at first, wasnt really sure what to talk about but as the date progressed (and the drinks kept rolling in) It turned out to be a wonderful date and I left with cash in hand!!!”

Yet another user wrote: “I had a wonderful evening with a true gentleman!
He gave me 300. for our date and I enjoyed the evening so much we have a second date planned next week! I can hardly wait to see him again!”

And the most interesting review so far, included a morning after: “Within the first 10 days I have been on four dates through the site, and what’s interesting is that the money aspect means something different each time. I had one date give me back my money… the next morning. In bed.”

One thing I noticed as I scrolled through the site was that most of the testimonials included descriptions of cash exchanges, shopping sprees, and 5-star restaurants. But what I didn’t notice very much of (besides people of color), however, were love connections. Most of the women raved about the “polite” and “sweet” men they met, but very few talked about meeting “the one.”

I know dating can be tough, but by making men pay for not only the date (going dutch isn’t an option), but also the mere OPPORTUNITY to go out on the date, seems a little weird.

But what do you think? Does paying for a chance to date weed out the lames or is this site just another place to advertise the oldest job in the world?

Would you sign up?

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  • Diana

    What ever how many woman waist time with stupid guys that don’t even buy theyre soup after sex and been using for nothing, at least here you have some value lol lol if you don’t charge somebody else is going to do it so I think this site is cool love it

    • beta=omega

      Whats your Price should change it’s name to
      Desperate Beta Males begging for dates.

      I would never pay 300 on a first date and then the woman has the nerve to say I won’t give him sex, hell even prostitutes are cheaper then that. Any man that uses this site should revaluate his manhood, paying crazy amounts for a first date shows how insecure and needy you are.
      I wonder how many men get girlfriends from this site.
      Sugar Daddies don’t count.
      Any man working for this site is a scum bag and is doing his follow males a disservice by making these women think they are more valuable then they actually are…

  • GoddessAisha

    I feel like if you don’t agree with it, fine. But leave the arrangments and unconventional ways of dating to those who like it and those who find it suits their
    needs. Everything is not for everybody. But I find for me as a young, attractive model type of female, some guys (typically guys who don’t get my type of girls easily) are willing to pay for a little time and a chance to get to know me. I think its great and as a student i can use the cash. In the end you get a great date (which in itself is hard to get from guys nowadays) and could potentionally meet a great, generous guy. Like I said, everything is not for everybody. And let people who choose to live their life this way LIVE it. Some people find comfort in laying cards on the table, instead of playing guessing games.

    • Adam

      It is up to you what you do but if a guy is paying he is going to want pussy on his terms no matter what you call it. Accept this or don’t play the game

  • Samuel Rodrigues

    I’ve used this site and its the best. Yes it’s another place for the oldest profession and the women are beautiful. Most of the women aren’t looking for a boyfriend and I’m cool with this . Yes, most of the women are looking for money for sec but hey, they gotta do what they gotta do. I’m not one to judge, do your thing because it works for me.