I know there’s nothing new under the sun, but sometimes…some things make you wonder if originality even exists anymore.

After Beyonce dropped the video for “Countdown,” a Belgian blog pointed out that the treatment, choreography, and outfits looked veerrrrrry familiar. In fact, many of the dance scenes in “Countdown” looked like the work of Belgian dancer and choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

Studio Brussels, called Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker who had a few interesting words about Bey’s remake.

Keersmaeker  said: “I didn’t know anything about this. I’m not mad, but this is plagiarism. This is stealing. They took pieces from Achterland and Rosas danst Rosas. Including the dresses and a remake of the school of [architect Henry] Van de Velde [which served as the set for the original recording of Rosas danst Rosas by director Thierry De Mey]. It’s a bit rude, I must say. (…) What’s rude about it is that they don’t even bother about hiding it. They seem to think they could do it because it’s a famous work. (…) Am I honoured? Look, I’ve seen local school kids doing this. That’s a lot more beautiful.”

(Shout out to the blog Africa is a Country for the translation. Peep the original at Studio Brussels here )


So, is this plagiarism, flattery, or is it just Beyonce? Sound off!


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