It seems that public disrepect and name calling of our President and First Lady is a new fad. The latest participant is Colorado radio host Jimmyy Lakey who told the “hilarious” story about how he heard the comparison between Michelle Obama and the Star Wars character, Chewbacca,  in a cigar bar. For some reason he felt the need to share this with all of his listeners.

“At the cigar club, someone used the phrase Chewbacca, and everyone knew or assumed who this person was talking about. I’ve tested it,” Lakey said to his listeners while dying from laughter. “I’ve done group testing, and I’ve said, if I say Chewbacca, what do you think? And, I’m telling you, I’m in so much trouble right now.” So not only did he share the ignorance with his listeners, but he took it upon himself to test out the comparison? Like really Lakey? This from a man who ran for Congress in 2010.

It doesn’t end there. The man from the cigar club who created the comparison sent Lakey a Facebook message detailing his disdain for the Obamas and his Tea Party affiliation. Lakey read the entire message on his show:

“Hey Jimmy, I smoke cigars, and I’ve referred to Michelle Obama as Chewbacca since 2009 (laughs). I wonder if I’m the guy you heard call her that. My wife has told me not to call her that in front of my kids. But my boys, God bless them, have picked up on it and they have marched forward with it … I wanted to identify myself and state that I cannot stand the Obamas. I took my boys out of school to attend the Tea Party rallies, and they were magnificent.”

The praise he gives for the Tea Party explains his ignorant comments. So is this disrespectful or just Americans exercising their freedom of speech, no matter how juvenile what they have to say is?

Speak on it!

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