I started thinking about this after I watched the reunion for “Basketball Wives: Miami.” I consider myself to be a positive person that doesn’t support stereotypical nonsense. I rather see something that is uplifting than something that will have minority women looked at in a negative light. On the contrary, I got sucked into the latest season of “Basketball Wives: Miami” and dubbed it as my “guilty pleasure.”

I never watched any of the earlier seasons of the show, but after all the hype that it generated I became intrigued. I thought to myself that it couldn’t be as bad or outrageous as people were saying. I watched one episode and I was hooked. It was almost like a horrible crash was happening in front of me and I couldn’t turn away. I didn’t dare tell anyone or post updates about the show on my FB or Twitter like some of my other friends did because I knew this show went against everything I stood for as a woman. I would watch, laugh and get disgusted. I would reason I had to see how bad it was for myself because I never wanted to admit I actually enjoyed the show.

I realized that shows like these get ratings from all types of people. Those who love it and those who are against it. Does it make me any less positive because I viewed the show? I don’t believe so, but others may differ. I know that I myself wouldn’t behave in the way the women acted and that a large part of the reason that people watch it is because they can’t believe what they are seeing before their eyes. Yet still, it did plague me more and more and I decided to not watch the new season or any other reality shows that displayed women or minorities negatively.

Everyone has a guilty pleasure whether it’s reality (trash) TV or another bad habit that you know you should break. If this “guilty pleasure” doesn’t consume you and you can definitely go without it, then I don’t believe those who know you will say that it defines you as an entire person. It can be seen as simply entertainment. I had to make my own conclusion that although it could be entertaining, I didn’t want to contribute to another season. I have known women who acted the same way the women did on that show and since I never supported it in real life, I don’t think I should support it on TV where people are paid to make sure the most negative aspects of each woman is exploited to the fullest.

What do you think? Does a guilty pleasure define a person?

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