When it come to ‘must haves’ on a woman’s ‘perfect man’ dream list, there’s no doubt that many of us love a tall man. There’s just something about having to stand on tip-toes just to get a kiss that makes a girl’s heart swoon, but what about all the men who don’t meet the 6 ft and up height requirement? Are we missing out on some potentially great guys because they don’t measure up? According to matchmaker Paul C. Brunson we just might be, especially since only about 14% of men in the U.S. meet or exceed the standard. There are a ton of short guys out there just waiting a Vixen happy so here are three ways to let go of the height hate and possibly meet the man of your dreams.

Focus On The Positives

So the guy that just walked up to you at the bar can’t be climbed like Mt. Everest, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have plenty of other amazing qualities. Is he family oriented? A hard worker? Funny? Try getting to know him and find out some of the other qualities this man may possess that you’ll love. Stop focusing solely on his shortcomings (pun intended) after all, you’re not perfect either.

Be Open Minded

We all have a ‘type’. That guy we continuously go after because he meets all the qualifications on our ‘list,’ but have you ever taken the time to see where dating that type has gotten you? If you’re single then maybe only dating chocolate brothas who are 6ft and up hasn’t worked so well in the past. Try giving that 5’8 brotha a chance…he just might be the one to change your life.

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