There seems to be a consensus that where you live can dictate to some extent whether you meet Mr. Right or spend the best years of your life searching in vain for him. It might be surprising to learn that some of our bigger cities are not ideal platforms to find that special someone to settle down with. Surveys have been conducted and analyzed and the conclusion is that the less chaotic landscapes provide an easier environment for interaction and bonding. You are able to connect easier and on a deeper level than if you were thrown into the chaotic energy of the metropolis. Cities like New York, Chicago and LA tend to attract driven, motivated and passionate people who are seeking some level of recognition in their chosen professions or alternative pursuits. The formula usually involves long hours and a daily schedule cluttered to the max, leaving limited time for socializing and playing the field. But the reward is potentially plentiful after all the sacrifices have been logged in. But the question is; whom do you share your bounty with? The answer to that question seems to come a lot easier to residents living in areas that require them to keep a much less rigid schedule, and a more balanced lifestyle. Encouraging forms of interaction that potentially linger and connects the dots to a lasting love affair.

Is it all or nothing? Can finding love in the big city really come easy or do we have to migrate to towns with a slower pace to stand out and reel in the big fish? The statistics favor the less glamorous towns when it comes to overall satisfaction and well-being. Boulder, CO, Lincoln, NE, Madison, WI, and Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV, rate high and New York, D.C. and LA don’t even crack the top 10.

Something to ponder about or leave to cupid to solve.

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