You can undergo an amazing physical transformation when you digest the right foods complimented with the right beverages. It’s not a myth! You can improve your skin, hair, nails and even eyesight by paying more attention to certain food groups. It’s just that easy. Here is a comprehensive look at the food groups that will give you that much needed glow and radiant skin as you combat the colder months ahead.

Most people acknowledge the importance of including fish in their diets but few understand the underlining significance it has on us physically. Having a piece of salmon every week will do wonders for your skin, because salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and these miracle workers are known to restore life to dull skin and considerably reduce inflammation and puffiness. You can also resort to taking omega-3 supplements but that isn’t nearly as gratifying as enjoying a nice helping of salmon and mixed veggies for dinner.

Another cheap and easy way to encourage your skin-beautifying regimen is to keep a bowl of blueberries at arms reach. These natural goodies come packed with vitamin C and other ingredients that not only boost your immune system but also seal that youthful vibrancy that lots of women pay the big bucks to secure.

If you are eager to replace your brittle nails with a strong and healthy set, then including beans in your diet is the best way to go. The high protein mixed in with fatty acids provide the right combo to ensure that your days of battling stunted growth and splitting nails will eventually come to an end.

Green Tea is a weapon that has been used for centuries to successfully wage the war against damaged skin and a slow metabolism. It can also be found in skin creams and even shampoos. It’s a natural neutralizer that works like a charm. Going for the organic blends yields the best results.

Tomatoes are an essential part of your daily diet due to their high fiber content and healthy dose of vitamin A, which automatically aids in repairing dry skin and ensures that new skin cells have a chance to regenerate. And for those of you who love to sunbathe you will be happy to know that tomatoes also contain lycopene, which also acts like a sunscreen agent.

And of course oranges basically have a reputation as a dietary mainstay. Vitamin C is our source when it comes to battling the elements that come with the wintery blast. But they also contain bioflavonoid, which is essential for encouraging collagen production for our skin. And the more collagen produced, the younger we look and feel.

Who knew looking like a million bucks costs practically nothing! But it’s important to note the enemies that are both irresistible and sometimes pricey. Alcohol, caffeine, sugar, salt and some processed meats can wreck havoc on your body and your skin. While its unrealistic to cut them out entirely from your diet, moderation is key.

So eat well, and stay beautiful!

– Ezinne Ukoha

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