Last week word leaked that Mahalia Jackson’s estate was apprehensive about Fantasia starring in the film about the gospel singer because she was an unwed mother. Well, yesterday Fanny called into the Wendy Williams show (while on bedrest) to clear up the rummors about the production.

According to Fantasia, while she’s been in talks with the producers of the biopic, they haven’t signed a contract agreeing to the project.

She explained: “There were no contracts signed and there was no set date so when this came out I jumped up in my bed and said, ‘I hope this didn’t come from my producer,’ because again there’s no black and white, there’s nothing in black and white. We waited on them, they said the money didn’t come through. So I was a little pissed off because I wanted to make the family proud, and most of all I wanted to make Mahalia Jackson proud.”

After getting Fanny’s side of the story, Wendy–of course–tried to get the singer to give a definitive answer about  whether or not she’s still with Antwaun Cook, the father of her child.

Fanny said she’s not “focusing on it today,” and promised to tell Wendy all about it once she had the baby.

Hmm….I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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  • WHY….Is it sad that a woman has decided to have a baby by whom ever she chooses to?..
    Listen, this young lady is a human being and asks nothing but to love and buy her music(of which I do every chance that I get…She is a powehouse). That is it and that is all!

    When WE get involved in people’s lives (that we do not personally know) and pass judgement on things we (really) don’t know about. It is on us…

    It is shameful that people get on this site and pass judgement and say things that they really don’t know to be true

    Fantasia….Have your baby, resume your career(if you want) and live your life


  • DonZ


    Double Dutch Productions, LLC. (DDP) extends apologies to Fantasia Barrino for the inaccurate, non-factual and disparaging statements of Ms. Barrino’s reputation, character and image, that was stated in the October 7, 2011 article of the NY Post’s Page Six column. The comments made in the article by financing broker Adrian Taylor, were not authorized, approved or condoned by the producers of DDP. The information and comments expressed within this article regarding the project were solely those of Adrian Taylor. Taylor is not an employee of this production company nor an active participant of any facet in the producing of this film. Taylor has been reprimanded on two previous occasions for speaking to the press about this project. He was told that he was not a spokesperson nor a producer of the film, nor involved in the production or publicity of the film. Mr. Taylor’s credit of Executive Producer will be valid only pending a final contract for financing. DDP and its producers disavow any statements or comments attributed to this article that were inappropriately made. Mr. Taylor does not speak for this company or the production of this film.

    The Mahalia Jackson family has not made any negative comments non-what-so ever about Ms. Barrino and her participation in this film project.

    We at DDP want to assure Ms. Barrino that in no way are we responsible for the information that was included in the article. ANY FUTURE COMMENTS FROM OUTSIDE PARTIES REGARDING THIS FILM THAT ARE NOT DIRECTLY PROVIDED BY DDP OR ITS PUBLICIST WILL BE DEEMED AS VOID, BOGUS AND INACCURATE.