Fat Revenge


From Frugivore — Kelly Osborne, who was ridiculed for her weight when she was a chunky teen on MTV’s The Osbournes, has now become svelte enough to get props from the notoriously snarky media and general public for her massive weight-loss. Good for her for getting healthier. However, instead of using her new look and lifestyle to inspire others, she has recently made nasty remarks about singer Christina Aguilera for putting on a significant amount of weight. No bueno.

While the two women have had a feud for over seven years (and Osbourne claims that Aguilera called her a “fat b!tch” many times), the reality star should be ashamed of herself for her recent words. Just a few months ago, she was the subject of nasty jokes about her own weight from an ex-boyfriend who went so far is to mock her body on Twitter while she attended pal Amy Winehouse’s funeral. Why is it so easy for her to forget her own issues and ridicule someone else for struggling?

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