Medical marijuana dispensaries in California are bracing for some major changes. Federal prosecutors in the state have sent notices to clinics noting they need to stop selling the drug or face criminal prosecution.

Although using marijuana for medical use has been decriminalized in the state of California for years, it is still illegal at the federal level. According to the Los Angeles Time, this latest push to close marijuana dispensaries in the state seems to be a major initiative of the Obama administration.

The L.A. Times Reports:

The four U.S. attorneys have scheduled a news conference for Friday morning in Sacramento to outline their plans to target marijuana cultivation and sales in California. Earlier this year, the prosecutors circulated an internal memo that indicated they would focus enforcement efforts on dispensaries and growers that dealt with more than 200 kilograms or a 1,000 plants a year.  

Landlords for some dispensaries have already received letters, including the owner of the building that houses the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Fairfax, Calif., the oldest dispensary in the state.  That letter notes that the dispensary is within a prohibited distance of a park, raising the possibility that prosecutors are taking aim at stores that fall within 1,000 feet of schools and parks. But letters received by dispensaries in San Diego make no mention of such distance prohibitions.

“There’s always been a different policy depending on where you are,” said Gieringer. “They’re going to try to clean up San Diego and just cause some random damage up here.” 
Although marijuana is illegal, many rely on the drug to help ease complications from several medical conditions. Studies have shown marijuana use improves the harsh effects of cancer, cataracts, and many other conditions.
Medical marijuana advocates see the new crack down as a flip-flop by President Obama who–as an candidate–said the federal government shouldn’t prosecute medical marijuana clinics and caregivers.
After receiving letters from the federal government, dispensaries will have 45 days to stop the sell of marijuana or risk losing their property and being sent to jail.
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  • The Comment

    I’m I in an alternative universe here? The Fed’s will bust down the door, tax, confiscate and jail anyone who, by permission the states law, sale marijuana but a state can’t enforce a federal immigration law the the Fed’s won’t touch? WTF????

    • Melissa

      Isn’t it bizarre. It makes absolutely no sense.

  • I used marijuana frequently from ages 18 to 26 to relieve bi-polar depression and anxiety. I believe it was helpful and hope the strict federal laws will change for people who need it for medical use.

  • RC

    Feds have the head up their ass. and the gov’t is the biggest drug dealer of them help..

    • RC


  • Nicole

    the criminalization of marijuana is so stupid. its a waste of resources. how many people are sitting in jail over weed charges while violent criminals are being released due to overcrowding? i suppose when weed because as dangerous as alcohol, ambien or xanax it will become legal.

    i would be remiss not to mention two things–potheads are the least likely to be influenced by basic mind control techniques (advertising) and the demonization of weed has very strong roots in racism and discrimination.

  • If it is not harmful for your health and even can improve it, why is it not legal?