Word on the street is Fox is looking to revive the popular Showtime series ‘Soul Food,’ based on the hit 1997 film.

The original ‘Soul Food’ series ran on Showtime from 2000 to 2004 and was a hit with viewers. It followed the lives of a Black family in Chicago, struggling with life’s ups and down (marriage, divorce, owning a business, etc.). According to the industry blog Fishbowl LA, Twentienth Century Fox is looking to capitalize on the African-American demographic who is hungry for shows.

Fishbowl LA reports: “Now, Fox is looking to revamp the series for a new generation. The project is still in the very early stages of development, but executives at the company are said to be keen on it. It isn’t yet clear whether the new Soul Food would be for the Fox broadcast network, or whether the company would try and sell it to other channels.”

Although many networks have been slow to create shows that target African-Americans, the audience is out there. Cable networks such as TBS, VH1, and BET have scored hits with original programming targeting African-Americans, and the web is exploding with quality shows each day. So it would be wise for Fox, or any other network, to create well-written and well-acted shows that target Black viewers.

Would you watch a new version of ‘Soul Food’? Who do you think should be cast in the show? 

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  • Trini

    If the show couldnt come back with the same characters (optimal) then here’s my shot at a dream cast for the remake
    Lem – Tyrese Gibson / Derek Luke / Chris Brown
    Bird – KeKe Palmer / meghan good (dont really dig meghan but she’d be alright)
    Maxine – Jennifer Hudson / Regina Hall
    Kenny – Michael Jai White
    Teri – Thandi Newton / Zoe Saldana or Rochelle Aytes
    Damon – Idris Elba / Michael Ealy

    Ahmad – jaden smith

  • Trini

    Bird could maybe even be Taraji P.. Henson instead of Meghan good

  • To me I think that the old cast members did such a great job why not continue to allow them to do Soul Food again especially Rockmond Dunbar and Maxine they had a lot of chemistry together use the same characters for Lem and Bird and TariJi P. Henson would be a good choice of one of the Ladies maybe Teri and Bring back a Little more head shots of Momma Jo. but all is good.