Conservative group Raging Elephants delivered what they call “a gut shot to socialists” when they unveiled three new billboards in Austin, Texas touting that the “GOP is the new black.”

The ads were released to encourage more black voters to embrace the Republican party. Raging Elephants contends that many African-Americans share conservative viewpoints on a number of social issues such as abortion and marriage and should vote that way.

“GOP is the new black” claim East Austin billboards

A set of billboards popping up in East Austin are calling on African-American voters to consider the Republican Party. view full article


Raging Elephants is linked to conservative activist Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani, who recently said that Democrats are the party of the Klu Klux Klan. His image is prominent on two of the four ads, which the group hopes will “stir up a storm on the plantation.”


theGrio: Conservative at Cain event calls Dems ‘party of KKK’

The signs definitely have people talking. One sign in particular that hangs over Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in East Austin is drawing mixed reviews from residents there. It says: Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. But this is a controversial claim that has never been substantiated.

Austin NAACP president Nelson Linder told KVUE News that he feels the signs are disrespectful and that black voters should vote based on whether issues that affect the community, including unemployment and police brutality, are addressed by either party.

“Martin Luther King was about civil rights and social justice,” Linder told KVUE. “That’s not the current republican party.”

The signs are also up in Houston, Ohio and South Carolina. These are areas where high concentrations of people of color typically vote democratic.

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  • KingJason

    The dumbness is astounding.

  • KrissyG

    Hope African-Americans don’t continue to let themselves be used as pawns of these two political parties. With a population of over 35K, AAs have more numbers than some countries and are in a great position to create their own party and to create more diversity in the political realm. At this rate, you’ll always be subordinated to the ideology and platforms of two parties that were created without any input from or consideration of you. Many great democracies around the world have more than just two parties. It’s the 21st century, time for true and definitive change.

    • KrissyG

      Sorry, meant 35M.


      African Americans(AA`s) are only PAWNS if there inner Negro comes out.
      Maj.Gen.Flowens retires after46 years,Longest serving active-duty African American,
      also the African Americans Marines were in the news.The inner Negros on the24/4`s
      were just about Cain this ,Cain that,.So we do need to think outside of the BOX…