An illuminating report by Politico has opened the door to reveal a few skeletons in Herman Cain’s closet. After gathering a number of credible sources, the political site has put together a case that suggests the GOP Presidential hopeful may have sexually harassed former employees while at the head of the National Restaurant Association during the 90’s. The investigation claims that at least two female employees complained to colleagues and senior association officials about inappropriate behavior by Cain, ultimately leaving their jobs at association. Allegedly, the women who “complained of sexually suggestive behavior by Cain that made them angry and uncomfortable,” signed agreements with the restaurant group that forbid them from speaking about their departure and gave them financial payouts – in the five-figure range – to leave the association.

Herman Cain is reported to have carried out conversations filled with sexual innuendo, or “personal questions of a sexually suggestive nature” in venues such as hotels during conferences as well as the association’s offices. Allegedly, Cain made physical gestures that weren’t “overtly sexual,” but made the women who were subjected to it feel uncomfortable as it was deemed “improper in a professional relationship.”

“I happen to know there were sealed settlements reached in the plural. I think that anybody who thinks this was a one-time, one-person transgression would be mistaken,” said one source that Politico states is familiar with Cain’s term in DC. The unnamed informant confirmed that the sexually inappropriate behavior in question alarmed the members of the board, “who became aware of it.”

The first alleged victim of the GOP presidential candidate, was identified by a former association board member, who recounted learning of her departure in 1999. “She was offered a financial package to leave the association and she did,” said the former board member. “What I took offense at was that it was clear that rather than deal with the issue, there was an effort to hush it up. She was offered a way out to keep quiet.”

Another source said the woman admitted to receiving “an unwanted sexual advance” from Cain at a hotel during a business-related event. A third informer  “has indicated to her current employer that she received a compensation package from the association and has warned there that she may be the subject of an embarrassing story involving a presidential candidate.” The investigation claims the second woman’s identity was confirmed by a source familiar with the association.

Evoking memories of the Clarence Thomas scandal, Cain went on the defense when asked about this unfortunate allegation on “Face The Nation,” saying he “had thousands of people working for me” at different businesses over the years and would not reply “until I see some facts or some concrete evidence.”

When asked, “Have you ever been accused, sir, in your life of harassment by a woman?” the businessman-turned politician visible flustered answered a question with a question: “Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment?”

Prior to his statements on “Face the Nation” Cain’s spokesman, JD Gordon replied Politico’s claims via email: “These are old and tired allegations that never stood up to the facts. This was settled amicably among all parties many years ago, and dredging this up now is merely part of a smear campaign meant to discredit a true patriot who is shaking up the political status quo.” Adding, “Since critics haven’t had much luck in attacking Mr. Cain’s ideas, they are trying to attack him personally.”


For more details on the ongoing investigation on Herman Cain, check this.

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  • B

    Now I’m not for Cain – I think he’s a racist/classist jerk, from the comments I’ve heard from him – but I do wonder if the other republicans dug this up and fed it to the media since he was whupping their a$$es in the polls.

    Also, I take sexual harassment claims seriously, as should any self-respecting woman and man who respects women. I am also aware of the extent to which some women abuse the sexual harassment laws and thereby make it harder for all of the women that have real sexual harassment claims. For some reason, I want to know the color of these women (not that it should make any difference, but I have more inclination to believe my brown and black sistas when I hear these claims launched against a black man…call me biased, but our nation’s history is hard to ignore when white women claim sexual harassment from a black man).

    All this being said, paying them a settlement is not a good look and speaks volumes. Additionally, his responses to the statements leave me thinking that the allegations are true (i.e. “Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment?” which seems to minimize the validity of sexual harassment claims in general, as if all men in power eventually have money hungry women accusing them of sexual harassment; that was a real a-hole response in its implication, imo).

  • jamesfrmphilly

    when white racist andrew britebart made claims against the sister she was fired right away without a fact check. when they made claims against ACORN it was shut down without the facts being checked. why not afford cain the same treatment? he did it.

    • B

      I didn’t know the Breitbart story – they fired the woman who filed the claim? Wow, people are heartless. But I feel you – I really don’t think Cain deserves the benefit of the doubt. But I do think the republicans are playing dirty to get this guy out of the running (because of his race), and so that’s why I feel inclined to be skeptical of this report….

    • jamesfrmphilly

      breitbart is the gay racist white who lied about sister sherrod and obama fired her…

  • These new old accusations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain may play as his own “Jeremiah Wright moment.” While race and sexual harassment are far from being the same; the situations and likenesses between supposed “dirt” found during the 2008 Obama campaign and the new old revelations coming to life about Herman Cain are still similar. Politics is as much about honesty, truth, and virtue as it is about persuasion and defense.

    The accusations against Herman Cain will make great fodder for television news over the next few days. Then after that political coverage we will get somewhat back to normal with attacks and accusations currently facing politicians and not those facing the men and woman behind the politics when no one knew who they were.