Today is the twenty-third annual National Coming Out Day, an international “civil awareness day” in which people are encouraged to come out of the closet if they have not done so; there is also a call for discussion amongst both LGBT persons and straight “allies” about issues which impact the queer community. Since 1990, the day has been sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign, which is the country’s largest LGBT advocacy group.

In the spirit of NCOD, I have a question for the Clutch fam: do you feel that we are seeing actual progression when it comes to establishing cultural freedom for LGBT people? I’m not talking about the law, but rather true acceptance by society-at-large. Are Americans becoming more comfortable with those who have different sexual orientations, or simply more tolerant? What about the African-American community? Are we growing when it comes to accepting our LGBT family as family? Black folks get an unfair rap for being more homophobic than others (because Black failures are always easy to highlight, duh), but we do have a long way to come as a collective when it comes to checking our ‘issues’ with homosexuality. Is it getting better?


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