• Fantasia and troubled beau, Antwan Cook, were all smiles during the baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of their son. The couple, who’s been through some thangs, were joined by family, friends, and a few celebs. Word on the street is ‘Tasia is due in December, and her baby boy may be named Dallas. How cute. {TheYBF}
  • Are you living by “The Clair Huxtable Code”? No? Get Familiar. The code includes such essentials as: Dating a professional, being independently successful, dressing appropriately, paying attention to your health, and my favorite, “Developing the ability to raise one eyebrow” and slay all those who see it.  {Jezebel}
  • Are you addicted to email? Check Facebook at work? Or like to suck up to your boss? You might be in touble. The folks over at Forbes drops 10 tips to not only keep you employed, but could also save your career. Take a look. {Forbes}
  • Kimsha Artest says she’s done with Basketball Wives L.A. After a fake Facebook account popped up last week, many wondered why Kimsha has been absent from the show since its debut. Although the Facebook account was fake, Kimsha always keeps it real. She told Hip Hollywood: “Some of the women that are on the show they are not wives and the majority of them are but they’re not conducting themselves as such. So I don’t want to be affiliated with shenanigans and drama. The back and forth is uncalled for, childish and that’s just not me.” {Necole Bitchie}
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  • starr

    I just viewed those pics of fanny’s baby shower…and I have to say…I just can’t condone it.

    I’m not perfect, most of us aren’t. but I can’t be up in someone babys shower laughing it up, having a good time while this chick is having a baby with someone who is still married, and then thing about they got to this place in the first place. I’m not some holier than though person…but I just can’t with this. sry

  • secret ninja

    Fantasia Fiasco – knocking up someone that is not your wife does not equal cute.
    getting knocked up by someone’s husband, not cute.

    Basketball Wives – good for Kimsha, BWLA is a one way ticket on the hotmess express.

    Clair Huxtable – 2-4, having a successful career should be added to the list.