• Rihanna loves the people. Last night the singer took the Tube (subway) to her sold-out show in North Greenwich, London. Apparently, the singer arrived unannounced and boarded the crowded train to get to her show. RiRi reportedly signed autographs, took photos, chatted with fans, and told commuters: “Dunno how you guys do it!” If I didn’t love her before, she keeps winning me over. Of all the pop stars, she seems the most down to earth and comfortable in her skin.  {Jezebel}
  • Want to learn how to stop loving your ex? WebMD has you covered with five steps to help you get over your lover. Along with busying yourself and enlisting your friends, you should also remind yourself why you left, acknowledge your feelings, and most importantly, give it time. {WebMD}
  • Denzel Washington loves his alma mater. Recently, the actor donated $2.25 million to Fordham University in the Bronx, NY. Washington, who graduated from Fordham with a theater degree, donated $2 million to endow the Denzel Washington Chair in Theater and $250,000 to provide scholarships to minority undergrads studying theater. Actress Phylicia Rashad joined Fordham’s faculty as the first Denzel Washington Chair in Theater. {the Grio}
  • Who didn’t see this coming? Sarah Palin announced that she isn’t running for President. Duh. Palin made the announcement during an interview with conservative radio host Mark Levin. During the show Palin said: “After much prayer and serious consideration, I have decided that I will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for President of the United States.” Praise Jesus! {TMZ}


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  • AJ

    Too cute Rihanna

  • B

    That’s how London is. They don’t hound celebrities like Americans do, so many celebrities just chill out and take public transport or whatever in London. I saw numerous famous folks just hanging out when I was in London (in the parks and whatnot, and no one bothering them). Rihanna seems like a down to earth girl, though, more and more these days.

    • bosslady

      Interesting observation…I would say celebs are more chilled in the US (coming from London, now living in the US). Paps possibly may be worse here, but the celebs keeps themselves more to themselves back in London

  • secret ninja

    that’s so cool :-)

  • Love me some Ri Ri!