Holly Robinson Peete fans were up in arms behind her getting the da boot from the CBS daytime chat show, aptly titled, The Talk. Rumors persisted that petty motives of the robotic lead host Julie Chen (and wife of CBS President Les Moonves) led directly to the removal of both Peete and co-host Leah Remini from the new hit show. Recapping, Peete wrote on her website,

“After weeks in limbo, I was finally ‘officially’ given word from CBS today that I have not been picked up for the second season of ‘The Talk.’ I realize there have been several reports and ‘leaks’ for sometime to this effect but until today I was not contractually released which prevented me from moving on and finding other work… While I am relieved to have this closure… It doesn’t diminish my disappointment one bit about not continuing with a show I worked very hard to launch and love dearly.”

With ongoing protests over her dismissal, it was unclear as to when, and where, the veteran actress would reemerge. Now, clarity has come in the form of a statement CBS itself confirming that Holly Robinson Peete will have a recurring role on sitcom Mike & Molly – a farce featuring a rotund couple who met at an Overeaters’ Anonymous meeting.  THR says Peete will play a love interest to Mike’s police partner (Reno Wilson), who has issues when it comes to romancin’.

No word on the date her episodes will air, but Holly Robinson Peete fans can exhale just a little, knowing her return to the small screen is just around the corner.


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