Kelly Rowland takes seduction to new heights in her new video, “Lay It On Me,” featuring rapper Big Sean. The song is the second single off of her latest album, “Here I Am.”

Rowland dons more revealing outfits than those that she wore in the video for her smash hit, “Motivation.” In the video, she looks to be enjoying fondling her half naked male co-stars and getting frisky with an elephants’ trunk. Rapper Big Sean was more than pleased to be in a video with Rowland. Here is what he told Rap-Up.com about his experience with the singer, “It’s always tight being around Kelly Rowland. You can’t really complain. She’s always fine as hell. I really like how she has the energy of a new artist, but she’s such a vet in the game. She’s so legendary and sold millions of record, but she’ll come in the room and greet everybody. She has no ego and that’s something I really look up to.”

I bet the men on this set were all smiles while shooting. Check out the tantalizing video below.

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