When stories broke about Rick Ross’ multiple seizures on two separate airlines, some radio jocks and bloggers were quick to ask whether or not Ross’ weight was to blame for his misfortune. While the Miami-bred rapper clearly is not model of health and wellness, the reaction from many people illuminated America’s ugly indifference towards people who are overweight.

Even though Frugivore has called for Ross, whose real name is William Roberts, to think about losing weight so that he may enjoy the success of his career long after the bright lights of fame dim, we did not shame him for being overweight. Shaming overweight people seems like all the rave nowadays because it’s the easiest way for people to deflect any attention off themselves — hoping that their addictions to sugar, fat, and/or salt aren’t called into question.

With so many people wondering what triggered Ross’ seizures, it was sad to hear so many people try to start saying Ross needs to start eating better and lose weight to avoid another seizure. While it’s always a good idea to eat better, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to diagnosing seizures.

Seizures are not directly related to obesity although many scientist are starting to make the connection between the modern day foods we eat and irregular brain activity. One of the leading known causes of non-epileptic seizures is sleep deprivation, but, understandably, no one dares mentioning this fact because, in America, “sleep is the cousin of death.”

It’s not a stretch to suggest that more people die from sleep deprivation than any other cause combined. It’s literally the silent killer. Let’s not forget our beloved “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, died trying to get to sleep.

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  • Monzi

    I call bullshit on Clutch and Frugivore for this. You claim not to engage in fat shaming, but you do, just under the guise of “I want better for you”. You have no right to tell someone you don’t know, have never met, and will never meet that they “ought to consider losing weight”. It’s condescending, didactic, insulting, and it’s just another branch of fat shaming. Every time a naturally thin person reads an article like that they are further convinced that they are right, fat is the enemy, and they have to right to judge fat people. SO stop patting yourselves on the back. Thanks.