On trial for the infamous brawl that occurred at the Greenwich Village store on October 13, former McDonald’s cashier Rayon McIntosh, spoke to the NY Daily news from Rikers for the first time about the brutal incident.
Flashback to the altercation that occurred mid-October: two customers, Rachel Edwards and Denise Darbeau, became irate when McIntosh checked the authenticity of the $50 bill they offered in payment for their meal.

The first woman started “getting really aggressive,” said the former cashier. “She came in angry,” he said. “I tried to keep things calm as best I could.”
“I was not looking for trouble,” the 31 year old admitted.

“The trouble found me. People are portraying me as a vicious attacker. I was just working at my job when I was attacked for no reason. I’m not a heartless person.”

“She started saying nasty things to me,” said McIntosh, speaking in a thick Jamaican accent – a detail inserted by the NY Daily News. “She said, ‘Oh, you think my s–t is fake?’ … She started saying, ‘Suck my d–k.’ She called my mother a whore.”

McIntosh, who already spent a decade in jail for manslaughter, only recently landed his job at Micky D’s this April. Allegedly spitting at McIntosh, one woman threatened to, “Cut me up,” he said, “Then she came over the counter and slaps me.” When the second woman jumped the counter, McIntosh claimed he felt the need to protect himself. “I was being attacked by aggressive people I didn’t know,” said McIntosh. “I was just defending myself. They came in and went crazy on me.”

Caught on camera, McIntosh was seen hitting the women with a metal bar used to clean grills. He was jailed on assault and weapons charges. The women were charged with criminal trespassing, menacing and disorderly conduct.

As a result of the beatdown, Darbeau’s mother said her daughter’s skull was fractured and she now suffers from permanent brain damage and memory loss. Edwards is healing from a gash to her arm.

Hey Clutch, when it comes to this complicated tale of brutality, does the does the punishment fit the crime for the participants involved? What’s your take on thangs?


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