Herman Cain has been the darling of the Republican party lately. The Morehouse grad, and former Godfather’s Pizza CEO has been garnering most of the attention amid the field of GOP presidential candidates. Although he’s made a good showing at debates and campaign stops, Cain’s campaign just got a bit of good news–he’s leading in the polls.

According to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll, 27% of Republicans now prefer Cain, which puts him ahead of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (23%) and Texas governor Rick Perry (16%).

Bolstered by the Tea Party, Rick Perry’s dismal debate performances, and Republican voters’ luke warm reception of Romney, Cain has emerged as the man to beat.

But is he ready?

Cain is campaigning on his business acumen and his 999 tax plan. Although he proudly admits that he isn’t a politician, many seem to be drawn to Cain’s ability to connect to audiences hungry for his anti-government rhetoric. However, now that he’s the frontrunner, polsters and pundits will be taking a closer look at Cain.

Earlier this week Bruce Bartlett, Republican economist turned a critical eye on Cain’s signature 999 tax plan. What he found may not bode well for the candidate.

Bartlett wrote that based on the data released by Cain’s team, the 999 plan would increase taxes on lower-income individuals, while slashing taxes for the wealthy. And yesterday, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’donnell said Cain’s plan would “slash Social Security and Medicare” while imposing a crippling national sales tax.

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Many have been calling Cain the latest Republican “flavor of the month” citing the party’s previous infatuation with Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry. But that label hasn’t dampened Cain’s spirit. He fully embraces the role and even told reporters they could call him “Haagen-Dazs Black Walnut” because “it tastes good all the time.”

But will it?

While Cain’s campaign is enjoying its moment in the spotlight, many doubt Cain’s team has the money or resources it needs to pull off a victory.


What do you think? Is Herman Cain for real? Do you think he’ll win the Republican presidential nomination? 



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