This photo was labeled "Hulk," the description read: "This guy’s hotness cannot be contained! June is busting out all over (I know it’s October)! That chain makes me want to put him on a leash and take him home. Good boy."

How many times have you been on the subway platform, or the bus, and spotted a cutie you’d love to talk to but just couldn’t?

When I lived in New York, it would happen quite often. While eyeing attractive dudes on my way to work was harmless fun, these days the folks SubwayCrush.net have taken it a step further.

The premise of the site is to spot a handome man, snap a picture of him, and share it.

The site explains:  “After your jaw has been picked up off the floor, discretely snap a photo of him and send to us.  Include the date, subway line, and your name (or alias) and we’ll take care of the rest.  Keep your eye out for your submission and cruise through the subway stunners others have spotted.”

While some say snapping a pic of a cute guy is all in good fun, others find it a little bit invasive (and a possible tool for stalkers). I wonder would some be so flippant if the site included pictures and regular travel routes of women?

What do you think, is SubwayCrush.net cute or creepy? Sound off! 

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