With recent reports concerning the Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher marital drama hitting the web, one has to wonder if the days of the older women conquering the young and bright-eyed males are slowly coming to an end. There is a substantial gap between the ageless actress and her actor/model hubby (15 years to be exact), and while in the world of celebrity-dom, anything goes, somehow reality always manages to rear its ugly head, sending its participants crashing down to earth. The Moore/Kutcher union seemed like the real deal and unlike most Hollywood relationships, a lot of gawkers the supported the idea of these two setting up house. But it seems like the magic is fading away, and the reports of infidelity on Kutcher’s part coupled with a tweet by Moore that was coded with an air of disappointment, proves the rumors are not unfounded.

But the trend doesn’t seem to be winding down. Kim Kardashian recently married her young stud who is 5 years her junior. And her older sis Khourtney has 4 years over her baby daddy, Scott Disick. Vivica A. Fox is currently engaged to a much younger guy and the list goes on and on. But when you examine the track record, the results are not that encouraging. Fame and wealth or botox and hair extensions can’t keep the eyes from roaming to younger and fresher meat. Unless you have the magical tentacles that Madonna possesses, the spell tends to wear off over time. Of course no relationship is drama free or without its level of insecurities, but it seems that older women have been encouraged to embrace the cougar status and proudly tread in what used to be forbidden territory. But it may have been “forbidden” for a reason. Younger men tend to be rash when it comes to decision making while women in general like to be cautious especially when their feelings are at stake. What seems like a glorious idea in the beginning slowly evolves into a glaring mistake, and when that happens, guys generally prefer to jump ship as soon as possible leaving the ladies paddling for dear life. In the cases of older woman/younger man, this scenario may be particularly brutal since the man almost always leaves the relationship for a younger woman who among other things has the ability to birth his future babies.

Maybe its time for older women to really be cautious and make sure they can handle the roller-coaster ride that comes with committing to younger men. And most importantly, recognize when it’s the right time to get off that ride and walk away dignified and scar-free.

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  • Olivia

    Reality is that once the novelty of being with an “older woman” fades, alot of younger guys get bored.

    They probably don’t have much in common. The marriage was great for both of their careers but outside of that what’s left?

    Side bar: Is it me, or has Ashton been 33 for like the last 5 years?

    • secret ninja

      @Olivia, no it’s not just you, i was wondering about that too. there are a few celebrities who were older than me when they made it big and somewhere down the line they somehow are “magically” my age or younger…

  • Socially Maladjusted


    Well I think the issue of age gap relationships raises some important questions that should be given priority as a societal concern.

    However –

    I don’t know what those questions are so . . . . .

    all I can contribute to the debate is


    as follows

    Dem a look fi yung cocky but dem cyan get nun

    cah dem no av di good bahdi

    fi ‘ole yung man down

    Dem ole and dem wrinkle an dem cyan grow de seed.

    Couple more year an dem soon top bleed.

    Big man ah larrf an wi nah look back

    cah dem didda lef we fi go tek yung cock.

    so nobodah beg wi nuttin cah wi nah tek unnu back.

    ratta tat tat – tatta tat tat tat


  • Interesting how we now live in a country where some vehemently fight for gays to have the right to marry (and I’m not saying I disagree with that), but two people of the opposite sex who are a few years apart in age are doomed – but only if the woman is older. What an antiquated way of thinking. And Ashton couldn’t just be an ass, it has to be that he’s stuck with a (very beautiful, by the way) older woman. Lord, stop it.

  • Not sure if “cougardom” should have ever been deemed a “phase” to begin with; older women dating younger men is certainly not a new phenomenon. Who knows what is causing strife in the Kutcher/Moore marriage? It’s way too presumptuous to think age had anything–or EVERYthing to do with it.

  • Jo

    While I agree that the media hype around older women/younger men relationships has died down, I don’t think celebrity ‘cougar’ relationships paint an accurate picture of these relationships.

    Many men prefer an older woman because she is less likely to play games, be practical and good at handling difficult situations, and because many older women these days are simply damn hot!

    Cheating isn’t, in my opinion, a given, just because he is younger. A cheater is a cheater.

    But certainly, the matter of children can be a deal breaker for many of these relationships, and is something both parties need to consider before embarking on a committed relationship.

    But these relationships can – and do – work. I have been with my 10 years younger husband for 7 years now, and we couldn’t be happier!