We know how much Jay-Z loves his hometown borough, but since making it big, Mr. Carter has called Manhattan his home. But with the birth of his first child on the way, Bey and Jay are apparently thinking of moving across the bridge to Planet Brooklyn. But there’s only one catch: It might be too expensive!

In an interview with E! Online during a carnival for his charity, The Shawn Carter Foundation, Jay-Z talked about the baby, moving back home, and supporting President Obama.

On moving back to Brooklyn…

 “I have been thinking about it, but the prices over there are really high,” he laughed. “It’s not like before!”

On giving back to his community…

“Someone emailed me this morning and said ‘Some people climb the ladder and grab the ladder. And some people pull more people up the ladder and you are a person who pulls more people up the ladder.’ I was very humbled by that,” Jay shared.

On still being down for President Obama…

“I still think he is the best man for the job,” he explained. “Yes, I think he got a raw deal and a bad economy. You wouldn’t be given anything you can’t handle so he must be really special, because he has a lot of work to do!”

When asked how he feels about the baby, the notoriously private rapper kept it simple and said, “I’m excited!”


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