Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga have been engaged for three years and have a beautiful son. So what’s the hold up with the wedding? According to Media Takeout, J-Hud’s fiance is refusing to sign a pre-nup.

One of Hudson’s family members told MTO that the wedding has not happened yet because Otunga has not agreed to sign a pre-nup. Otunga has a law degree from Harvard University so he must not like what the pre-nup presented to him entails.

Jennifer Hudson has indeed come a long way from her elimination on “American Idol” in 2004. Her acting and singing career took off after her Oscar win for her role as Effie White in the box office hit, “Dream Girls.” Otunga is best known for his participation in the VH1 reality show, “I Love New York,” where his nick name was “Punk.”

Do you think the wedding should go on without a pre-nup or should Hudson try to protect her assets?

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  • Simone

    And one more thing…..Pre-nups can be broken people…research it. So nothing is “air-tight”…..that’s tv fiction.

  • Pink

    He seems narcissistic to me. If it wasn’t for Jennifer I wouldn’t know who the hell he is and neither would most other people

  • BlackBoop

    PUNK is the right nick name for him. He’s a PUNK if he thinks that he should get paid if their marrage goes south. Be a man you PUNK and sign and if it doesn’t work out, get a J O B.

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  • HA!

    I agree with Mr. Man on this topic. WHY bother getting married planning for it’s failure? This is exactly what is wrong with society now! Too many people worried about their stuff and not concerned with what is really important in life. The divorce rate is so high now because folks go in thinking about divorce as an option. Then when they get married, they don’t want to do the “work” to keep it together. Do you honestly think folks that have been married for 30 or more years didnt have to go through some things? Do you really believe they didn’t have to do some forgiving, compromising, and getting humble? Don’t get me wrong, some people just outright marry the wrong person. This is why folks need to seriously evaluate who they’re marrying before going there. Hollywood marriages especially. My main point is that folks dont look at the institution of marriage with the intent of it lasting anymore. Plus I think if prenups didn’t exist, hollywood stars would be more willing to “work” on the marriage before bailing out!