Over the weekend, Kanye West debuted his much-anticipated fashion collection Dw By Kanye West.

Said to be dedicated to the memory of his mother, Donda West, Yeezy reportedly ran around nervously (and sweaty) applying last-minute touches to his womenswear line.

After the star-studded show, Ye told reporters:

I’m so scared, I’m so nervous. I’m so distracted.

The biggest conversation I hope I can end tonight is the whole ‘celebrity designer’ thing/ That’s the biggest hurdle when you want to get amazing people to work for you.”

Kanye said he wanted to debut at Paris Fashion Week because the city is “the center of fashion,” but the reviews of Dw by Kanye West have been mixed. Legendary fashion critic Robin Givhan dubbed it a “flop,” saying:

West’s opening look—and remember this collection is for spring—was a black leather skirt and jacket. It was soon followed by his single best decision: sexy silver python jeans paired with a delicate gray sleeveless top.

The mistakes began to mount: A black leather dress that unzipped at the waist displayed only a passing familiarity with the curves of a woman’s body. Necklines plunged so deep—to the waist, in fact—that a woman would have to keep double-sided tape handy to avoid indecency charges.

And there were fur coats, fur trims, and even a giant white fur backpack. Did I mention that this was a spring collection?


Check out some of the looks from Kanye West’s debut collection. What do you think?



*Photos courtesy of Pascal Le Segretain of Getty Images.

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  • rosewater

    honestly not bad, i expected much much worse but then I again I don’t believe for a second he didn’t have tons of help coming up with these designs….and i agree designers with more experience have put out 1,000% more abysmal lines in the past….marc jacobs comes to mind…lawd

  • TimSoFamous

    One, two black models? But, besides that it looks like a heterosexual male designed it. :( Hi, splits and cut outs. Another, :( I wish he would have just done men’s wear.

  • Lisa

    One word, TRASHY!!!

  • He’s a novice, but I wouldn’t debase him as a dilettante. I think he’s genuinely interested in expanding his cultural/artistic breadth, particularly concerning fashion.

    I feel like Ye is so misunderstood. Lol.

    Here’s my reaction to Dw with my friend’s insights. I agree with her. He loves Givenchy.: http://egocollatisviribus.tumblr.com/post/10991251125/dw