Kelly Rowland takes it all off in her the video for her single, “Down For Whatever,” off of her album, “Here I Am.” She goes from wearing a zebra print body suit to her birthday suit in this dance filled video.

I don’t know if Kelly was always this freaky, but she is flaunting her love of sex all over this video. She says she will do it on the floor with that special someone. Alright now Ms. Kelly, we see you. The video is full of flashing lights and has a techno beat.When you listen to the lyrics you hear that Rowland is indeed down for whatever.

Check it out below. Are you feeling it?

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  • Tom Belect

    @thinkpink – Thank you for having the wisdom and intelligence for seeing my broader point. As an artist myself, I know the importance of creative expression. But the bigger story that I am referring to is what is happening to black music (Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop, even Gospel) as a whole and not specifically Kelly Rowland……. I just personally don’t like this single or this brand of music. I wish her much success, but the soulful sound of R&B is being sacrificed for a dance sound that is thought to have a bigger audience at the expense of R&B. If one is so intellectually challenged not to see my broader point, then there isn’t much I can do for you. Black music has always been considered an extension of black culture, the black spirit that is only unique to black people, and our music has always been unapologeticly black. That cannot be said today. If Usher, Beyonce, Kelly or whoever wants to go euro-techno, then God bless them, but there should be new talented artist (which there are plenty of who are not given any opportunity) to fill that void. This phenomenon is evidence of a greater agenda to eradicate the black sound.

    @ isolde – @ Marles – Please don’t be so doltish and in your cognitive thought process in thinking there isn’t an agenda to break apart the unity of black people through the dissolving of the one reliable source of unity in the black community………. our Music. They have killed progressive hip hop and progressive R&B (think Public Enemy and The Jackson song Let me Show You The Way To Go) during this time of economic, social and political turmoil that we are in to keep the people neutralized. Please see that my sentiments extend far beyond this one Kelly Rowland song.

    Those that have missed my point and called me names are simply reflections of their own cloddish and unworldly understanding of the system that they live in that is designed to limit their lives. Basically I can’t get mad a dog for not learning how to speak English, think about it……… Shrugg.

    Help save and protect Black Music!!!!!!

  • Tom Belect

    And yes, Erykah Badu hit the nail on the head. She said

    ““How y’all gone stand by and let our music turn into pop techno cornball ass music.”

    “I definitely don’t want to offend anyone. Young people, I know this is the music of your generation.

    “I [wanna] hear from the young people? Easy for me to complain about this techno-pop cause I have a taste for something else, but how do u feel?

    These rappers ought to be shame of they damn selves. I’m talkin bout the mc’ s rappin over this pop techno music… I believe in pimpin the system [but] gotDAMN! not like this. #pop-technosongs

    They playd 6 in a row today- #pop techno songs back to back with so called r&b and rap artists… on the [hip-hop] station. Where I been?

    Like I said, how y’all gone STAND by and let our music turn into pop techno cornball ass music?

    I like the idea of no distinction in race when it comes 2 music, but SOULkeepers, U dont give up the boom bip and the hump 4 the payday.

    I love house and techno as a side dish. But now it’s served as the main course AND that’s ALL u gone get. like chittlins in the back house.

    I love music PERIOD. just not ready to say goodbye to the boom bip and the hump .. kinda painful for my generation to see. just strange 2 me.”

    Thank You Erykah……….. Now either you get it, or you don’t.