A Queens mother is suing New York City because of an alleged sexual assault on her then five-year-old son by four of his kindergarten classmates.

Yenny Valero’s son was attacked in the bathroom of PS 112 last June. She claims that four other boys held him down, removed his pants and violated him.

She tells the Daily News “My son still can’t sleep and he is very anxious, even though he is going to therapy.” She has since had him transferred to another school.

The lawsuit alleges that the child suffered “permanent physical and psychological injuries” after the attack. School officials investigated and claim to be unable to prove that the assault occurred. Police detectives dropped the case due to the young age of the children involved.

Julio Portilla, Valero’s lawyer, maintains that the attack happened and that child has been done a disservice with the response by PS 112.

“The school failed in its duty and now they are trying to sweep it under the rug,” he says.

This is horrifying and disturbing on so many levels. If Valero’s son’s account of the assault is true, what sort of message does it send to a child when something so traumatic is treated with such little regard?



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