In “I guess it’s really just too hard to come up with an original idea” news, the Lifetime network is casting for an all-Black remake of the 1989 classic Steel Magnolias. The film will be directed by Kenny Leon, who previously helmed plays such Fences and The Mountaintop, plus ABC’s film adaptation of A Raisin In The Sun. Which had Puff Daddy in it. I’m just saying.

While it’s worth noting that Steel Magnolias was a play before the Julia Roberts film and, thus, is a more likely candidate for a remake and even colorblind casting than, say, Pretty Woman…there’s also those many plays and novels by Black female authors that deserve a first chance at a film adaptation. Can we get some Connie Briscoe? Pearl Cleage? Bebe Moore Campbell? Plus, Steel Magnolias was super sad and I like my movies to end with the same number of alive characters that it opened with, unless someone got a baby or new kitten and add more smiles to the mix. Whatever.

Here’s to hoping the film will rock nonetheless. And while we’re here, who do you envision for the cast?

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