(BBM sad face)

Brooklyn’s own Lil’ Kim is back…actually, that’s not the way I want to phrase that. Lil’ Kim has a new song. To say she’s “back” seems to imply that the Kim we remember is on this song and she isn’t. “Spend A Mil” is an auto-tuned audio disaster, IMO. Maybe you’ll like it. Form your own opinion and let us know what you think!

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  • Dee

    I didn’t miss the point. I have a problem with people saying how one is ‘too old’ to do anything.

    You may not like her music, fine. But there are people who do.

    The same can be said for Betty White and other women who have defied age in their respected fields.

    Don’t put a limit on when people should ‘hang it up’ because of age. Just don’t listen to it.

  • KayPee

    It’s not an Age Thing, It is a Wack Thing. Like Glutton Mutton said. Music today has NO Good Lyrical Content.

  • raah

    sounds like young money Every Girl (in the world). hate all the unnecessary car horn noises ick

  • Its painful listening to this compared to what she used to make! That don’t even sound like Lil kim. She should’ve just stayed original, now she sounds just like the rest of these wack female rappers (with the exception of Nicki Minaj…she made herself a factor and branded her own name!)! Hate it or Love it Nicki Minaj has her own platform…now wheres the competition?