Lil Wayne has been saying for the longest time that he is going to retire soon. Now he has given a definite age in his interview with GQ, 35. The rapper says that one of his main reasons for wanting to retire his crown of being the “best rapper alive” is because of his children:

“Basically, I have been doing this for eighteen years. That’s reason number one. I have accomplished all that I have set out to accomplish and more. Also, I have a label, and I’ve only put out two artists [Drake and Nicki Minaj]. I have a lot more work to do, and it’d be selfish to not focus on being the boss and focus on their projects.”

“But the main reason is my kids, my children. Now, if I thought I’d be selfish to my artists, imagine what I think I would be doing to my kids. I have enough money that they don’t have to ever do anything—which, they will do everything, ’cause they ain’t getting sh*t. [cackles wildly] Six [more] years, I can do this Lil Wayne thing, and my boys will be about 7 and 8 years old. And man, it’s all about them then. You know, whatever they’re doing. Sports. Whatever they’re into. That’s where I am. I’m at every game. I’m the dad with the hat on. The jersey. That’s me.”

“I feel like I’ll be a new me, and how good is that? To actually be opening a brand-new door of life at 35? That’d be awesome. Totally awesome. I’m looking forward to it.”

The Young Money boss also talked about his non-existent relationship with his father. The animosity he has toward is father is crazy.

“He don’t give a sh*t about me. And I don’t give a shit about him. I saw the n*gga recently—I had a show in New Orleans. And I ain’t afraid to put this out there, ’cause this is just how much I don’t give a f*ck about a n*gga, and I want people to see how you’re not supposed to be. I was parked at the hotel, and I saw him walking outside the hotel. Just walking back and forth. I’m like, “Look at this n*gga! You gotta be looking for me.” If Lil Wayne got a show in New Orleans, the whole of New Orleans knows. Basically, you’re not there for nothing else but me. So I call my man on the bus. I’m like, “N*gga, that’s my daddy.” So I tell my man, “Go see what’s up.” So my man goes to holla at him. He tells my man, “Oh. I didn’t know y’all was here. I’m here waiting for this little ho to get off work from the hotel.” For real? That’s when I was like, “Typical Dwayne Carter.” So that’s what’s up with me and my real father. I don’t want to look like his ass, but I do.”
At least Lil Wayne hasn’t allowed the failed relationship between him and his father influence how he treats his own children.
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  • secret ninja

    the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree…

    • NOno

      EXACTLY! a nigga.

  • Mimi

    I find it ironic that Keith Richards would pose with two rappers since he said that rap was not real music and unoriginal a few years back. Me thinks he’s trying to grab some of the spotlight away from Mick Jagger who has formed another group without him.

    • Perverted Alchemist

      @ Mimi- Actually, Keith Richards did say that. It’s kind of ironic on his behalf to say such a thing, especially considering that the Rolling Stones made their entire career off ripping off Black performers.

      Also in Rolling Stone magazine earlier this year, I read that Lil’ Wayne wanted to retire at 30. I wonder why he moved the age up by five years. It’s not like anyone’s going to miss him. He’s not that great of an MC and he doesn’t have a classic album to his name- so his influence on hip hop is very minimal, at best.

  • African Mami

    All I could think of, is God blessed him with very BEAUTIFUL children. At least in this case, the apple fell VERY FAR from the tree.

    • LMAO! damn that was harsh..*chuckles*

  • Demi

    Can he just disappear (or die), like, yesterday?!

    Please and thank you.

    • sia

      So I’m just wondering why you clicked on an article about him AND took the time to comment about him if you want him to not be relevant?

  • Cynful_Smiley

    Ah yes, now that he has kids…wait he has been a dad since he was 15! Oh wait I get it, he wants to be there for his SONS, cause daughters don’t count.