Ok, this may have gone down (a few) minutes ago, but it’s just one of those thangs worth a mention. While making his way through the black carpet of the BET Hip Hop Awards, hip hop forefather and I Am Hip Hop lifetime-achievement recipient, LL Cool J, was approached by MTV who wanted to know if he was feeling what’s going on today in the genre. LL replied, “Right now, there isn’t really anything that has my attention like that, to be honest with you, but when they do get my attention I definitely listen.”
Outside of DJ Khaled’s “I’m on One,” featuring Drake, Uncle L said he can’t lie: Nothing out here today has got him “shivering in his seat.” Nonetheless, LL wishes his uninspiring successors “all the success in the world.”
Speaking on his personal impact on hip-hop, James Todd Smith said,

“It’s pretty obvious that what Dr. Dre and N.W.A did for gangsta rap music, I did for romantic music and music with females. I basically started a section of a genre and created it and put it out there, and now lots of people are doing it. I think it’s great. The more, the better. It’s better than downing them and telling [women] they ain’t nothing.”

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