As “Occupy” movements swell across the country, it seems local police are becoming increasingly violent in their attempts to restrain the generally peaceful protestors. One of the most devistating incidents yet took place at Occupy Oakland yesterday, when a Marine was critically injured by a police projectile. Only 24 years old, Scott Olsen survived two tours in Iraq only to be fighting for his life while participating in a non-violent protest.

Business Insider reports that Oakland Police claim Olsen may have been injured after trying to attack them, but judging from this video (he appears at 3:30), that doesn’t seem to be the case:

Occupy Oakland Tuesday October 25 from Raleigh Latham on Vimeo.

After Olsen fell to the ground, a police officer threw a flash grenade into the crowd of people who attempted to come to his aid. He is currently said to have suffered a skull fracture and swelling of the brain. One of Olsen’s fellow Marine men posted this heartbreaking picture of his response to his “brother’s” injury. These are truly disturbing times we are living in.

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  • Misty_Moonsilver

    This whole thing sucks. People are really starting to protest stupid things. wtf do people want, an anarchy?!! I feel bad that this marine was hurt but what a stupid reason.






    • Sammie

      He wants, like most people, (even the ones who can’t articulate it and/or look like weird punk rockers) to be able to get a job that will pay him a living wage. One that is sufficient to eat, pay bills, and purchase consumer goods (the backbone of our economy) eventually leading to buying a home and possibly supporting a family. All that “American dream” stuff is want people really want, that’s not stupid, settling for 8.25 an hour and a benefits card is!

    • JabJab

      What you’ve just said is an insult to this marine. I think a man who went to iraq twice and put his life on the line for you and his country would know what the f*** he’s protesting about.

      I am so effing SICK of people bashing these protests as stupid. Go #$^#$%@$%^@ yourselves. When the tea party protests happened was the media bashing the protests as pointless blather? And did the police ever EVER USE FORCE?!!?!?! Now your side is protesting and you don’t even bother to find out why.


      UGHHHHH….people WAKE UP!!!!


    • me

      lol jab jab so you think your government had nothing to do with the crap we are in now? you’ve obviously gotten drunk off the kool-aid they are serving….the whole anger of this movement is focused on the wrong group….what a joke….

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    Okay guys, the government is evil. Police are evil. Evil is everywhere right? So go out to an island and create your own government. I know what I’m talking about, I study this stuff as a major in college. Everyone wants to feel like they are apart something. Everyone wants to protest legalizing drugs, gay marriage, protest the corporations, yet these protests cause people to get hurt and start wars.
    Especially Americans! Americans are always pushing for more.
    I personally see nothing wrong with military/ police rule.
    People are fighting for no reason! If you are poor, you should work and budget, the way its ALWAYS been! Don’t get mad because you are too lazy to get a good education and a decent job. We have so many benefits already!

    • caramelgirl

      How can you say something so ridiculous, “People are fighting for no reason! If you are poor, you should work and budget, the way its ALWAYS been! Don’t get mad because you are too lazy to get a good education and a decent job. We have so many benefits already” First of all, lets clarify some things with some actual facts about WHY THEY ARE FIGHTING. they call themselves the 99% because 1% of the population control the OVER 40% of the wealth in America. Now how is this fair, equal or just in anyway that such a small population, control such a large portion of wealth and ultimately who are in control of the country because it is their money that puts politicians and office and it is their money that controls the media.

      Second of all, if you are poor and you are lucky enough to have a job in this crappy ass economy, you most likely DO NOT make enough money to properly sustain yourself (bills, food, transportation, debt) most likely you are living from paycheck to paycheck because minimum wage is not enough to sustain anyone! you should read the book, nikel and dimed, it details a woman trying to sustain herself on minimun wage.

      and thirdly you say “Don’t get mad because you are too lazy to get a good education and a decent job” WTF, one of the main reason that these people are protesting is not that they are lazy (which they aren’t because their obviously investing a lot of time and effort into changing the situation) but because they have went to college and have degrees yet there are no jobs!! Either they graduated with a degree and was unable to get a job because of the economy, or they have a degree and are “over-qualified”so they can’t even work as a cashier at a place like Mcdonalds.

      This is the problem with most people who dont understand the movement, you label everyone as lazy bums who aren’t as hardworking as you are , but did you ever stop to think amount the extraodinary amount of people struggling to survive, where there aren’t many well paying jobs, going to college seems pointless because you get tons of debt and don’t get anywhere, and the wealth isn’t being spread around to those who really need it. The rich are getting richer, and this is why the occupy movement is so important. http://clutchmagonline.com/2011/10/study-the-rich-really-are-getting-richer/

    • kat

      “I know this because I study this stuff as a major in college”


  • me

    If you look closely, these protests are a hot mess. It’s been taken over by communists, marxists, maoists, anarchists, people who are blaming jews…it’s such a hot mess and I believe it’s been inflitrated or maybe it was even started by people who have evil intentions (not talking about everyday americans).

    I will not be surprised if it becomes violent whether instigated by the police or not…these will probably denigrate into violent protest yet idiots will stand around and say if it’s necessary it should happen.

    America is falling apart right before our eyes..it’s really sad…

    • Misty_Moonsilver

      EXACTLY!!! This is making things wayyy worse than they are! Nothing good will come from this.

  • ms_micia

    Good intentioned, legitimately upset and angered people of America: Instead of standing and protesting a government that cares less if you live or die, and will continue to use BRUTE force to control these things(a lot of this was predicted a long time ago in detail) look to your left, look to your right at those people your standing with and help one another. Take back your power instead of throwing pebbles at a cold heartless throne thinking your gonna get a result. The time for that type of protest working is over (if it ever did without major violent reaction from the gov’t and police system and LOTS of loss of life). For every unfortunate man and woman experiencing these violent protest experiences I’m positive they have resources and abilities to help one another to get through these tough times. It’s cool to stand together to complain but to actually help one another through these situations forreal I guess is too much. BE PROACTIVE! The government is not gonna help you! Get over that and help yourselves. Those with more resources than others help your fellow man. As simple as carpools and potluck dinners. We have to rely on each other and it will continue to get more and more imperitive that we do so. This is just the beginning yall…come together or suffer. There’s way more power in numbers 99% is waaaaay more than 1% marinate on that.