Handsome funnyman Marlon Wayans is preparing to return to the small screen with an as-yet-titled buddy comedy to air on ABC. Deadline reports that Wayans will write, executive produce and star in the sitcom, which centers around two brothers who are both police officers. Wayans’ character and his wife have their lives disrupted as his brother hits hard times and has to move in with the family. Can you believe its been sixteen years since Marlon and brother Shawn created and starred in The Wayans Bros? Time, it does fly.¬†Wayans is also working on an upcoming film about the life of Richard Pryor, in which he will star as the legendary comedian.

Are you a Wayans fan? Looking forward to the new show?


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  • Kaydee-P

    Wayans Brothers’ reruns come on all the time..I definitely miss seeing them on the small screen, so I’m really excited to see what Marlon’s been working on.

  • entro

    Hey chey,.
    I’ll check it out, maybe it will change my mind. On the real I’m just glad to see any brotha working and being succesful in hollywood.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    After “Requiem For A Dream” and the critical praise he got for his acting in the film, I was really hoping that Marlon would at least explore the drama genre. A few years after that, he did “White Chicks” and “Little Man”- basically going back to familiar territory. I’m hoping he at least does another dramatic role in the near future…or at the very least change his mind- he was pretty damn good at it.