Rapper-businessman-reality star MC Hammer is launching a new search engine- WireDoo- which is supposed to best Google by providing results based on subject relationships that are “deeper” than keywords, Mashable reports. Hammer announced his plans yesterday at San Fransico’s Web 2.0 Summit, in which he explained the concept of “relationship search”. Say you want to purchase a home in Chicago’s Bronzville neighborhood; WireDoo would not only provide you with info on relators, but also with details about the community’s culture, safety, local businesses, schools, etc.

The site’s tagline is “Search once and see what’s related.” You can currently sign-up to be included in beta testing for WireDoo (which will hopefully feature some improved graphics, because the pixilated logo on the current page isn’t a good look).

Considering that Google has made its name synonymous with web searching…Hammer is gonna have to come with some real spectacular and revolutionary stuff to even compete. Best of luck, Stanley!



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