The New York Times recently reported on a rising fashion trend among men: heels. Heels are becoming mainstream for men to wear out on the town just as often as women wear them. The look is not just effeminate men or men in drag either as society would have us assume. Many straight men are adopting the look as well.

Heels on men can be paired with a dress shirt and fitted jeans as seen on celebrity hairstylist, Derek J. or with a loose tee and slacks like Sean Wagner. Believe it or not, heels were considered a sign of nobility in France until Napoleon banned it. Today, heels can benefit the contemporary man who wants to emulate a taller and more statuesque frame.

Wagner, in particular, believes heels have nothing to do with sexuality: “I always make it very clear that I am a man, and I’m not trying to portray an illusion to anybody. As far as we’re concerned, this is just bringing a look to a club — which is what you are supposed to do,” he told The New York Times.

He makes a valid point but will the new trend withstand stereotypes that associate men in heels with femininity? What do you think of men in pumps? Should it be more accepted by society or left to the women?

– Krystal Homes

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  • Laina

    Men used to wear heals and Black people were once enslaved. Because something was done in the past does not make it OK in the present. There is nothing masculine about men wearing heals. Isn’t it bad enough some young men are walking around in skinny jeans with their underwear showing.

    • Treintje

      This comparision doesn’t make any sense. Enslavory i about suppression of people. Suppression is allways a wrong thing to do. The fact that men once wore heels has nothing to do with that. In fact, you want to suppress men who want to wear heels, lol.

      There is nothing masculine about men wearing heels. Maybe, but there is also nothing feminine about women wearing Uggs. And yet they do.
      Uggs are actually an example of male footwear which has transitioned to female.

      Btw. Improve your English. It’s heels, not heals.

    • Laina

      We can agree to disagree. Obviously, there is a big difference in comparing men wearing HEELS in the past versus the enslavement of African Americans. While you may not like my comparison, it is one I chose to use. In terms of my English skills, I think I learned the difference between heals and heels in the first grade. I simply did not proof my work. My mind thought one word and my hands typed another work. I will attribute your spelling errors in this post and your other posts on this subject (comparision, allways, macsculine, allmost, defence, masulinity) to the fact that you also did not proof your work. I would never say you need to learn English. By the way, enslavory is not in the dictionary.

    • Treintje

      I apologize for the spelling errors in my postings. Some of them are simply typing errors, others are due to the fact that English is not my native language. Don’t be offended by my correction. It’s no big deal. Personally i wouldn’t bother minding people’s spelling errors, but this one is a semantic error which i quite commonly see. The word ‘heal’ simply has a whole different meaning. However, since i’m not a native English speaker, i’m not perfect as well! :-)

    • Your comparison is absurd. You’re comparing domination to fashion which by the way doesn’t have anything to do with what you’ve just said. To begin with, our brains will find attractive (appearance) what we teach them, which in our case, humans, is done by providing the brain background in the matter. That’s why the Media has spent tons of dollars on researches about the subconscious (subliminal messages), the part of the brain we don’t have control over and the very part responsible for telling us, at the moment we look at something, what we’ll find attractive or not, but how? Our brain will work as a database does, and what happens when people see men in heels. The search to database brings gay people and mockery the two things most women fear the most. Being in a relationship with someone she thought was straight, but it turns out he was gay and mockery has to with women’s image. Women hate to be made fun of, yes we do. Every time we see men in high heels on TV, it’s either a comedy where he’s being ridicule, a situation of extreme dangerous where he dresses himself in “women’s attire”, including heels, or when he’s gay. Media makes it clear, for our subconscious, that besides those situations and others alike, men are not allowed to wear any of those things. The New York Times once published that women wanting to wear pants suffer from a rare disease “vulgarly called” dress reform and those women should be treated depending on the latency of their desire for trousers. Well, women who want to wear are sick, ill, mentally disturbed. Interesting huh? It happened a decade ago or so. (I have the article by the way in case any of you wants to read). If you pay attention, you’ll notice that this strictly restrictive dress code for men only happens in countries where there has been some kind of domination (Civil War, Dictatorship, Invasion, Slavery, etc.) Men and women always dressed quite alike, the differences were whether you belonged to a certain tribe or whether you belonged to peasantry or royalty
      Now let’s talk about slavery which is still happening in some places and it has nothing to do with past habits. It happens when a group of individuals think they are somehow or totally better than others. A good example would be Hitler.

  • Let the past be in the past.I think men should wear what they want,however,I don’t want the men in my life wearing them.It’s not questioning their sexuality because I dig Lenny Kravitz whole heartedly,however,heels on a man in general is just not appealing.Keep in mind celebs get away with things that the average Joe cannot.

  • Treintje

    This is an interesting topic. It’s allways the same story. Women are allowed to behave and dress more and more macsculine, but the same women want to forbid men to behave and dress more feminine. Personally i don’t see the difference, so i question these kinds of double standards.

    Over time, the feminine role has broadened enormously, while the male role is increasingly narrowing.

    A much heard complaint is: I want men to be masculine!
    Please define “masculine”. If you ask people, allmost nobody is able to say what that is. The mostly end up saying what it is not. Masculine do not wear heels and skirts.

    But what DO they wear? The answer is: trousers and flat laced shoes.
    Ahmm…, but women also wear trousers and flat laced shoes. So this means that i may conclude that these women are not feminine anymore? No.
    The answer is that trousers and flat laced shoes are actually unisex.
    But in this respect ALL male clothing may be considered unisex, since there is not one single piece of male clothing which is not acceptable for women to wear.

    So, which piece of clothing is exclusively male? I challenge everyone of you to name one. I can’t find it. The female wear everything which is in the male closet. Flat laced shoes, socks, trousers, shirts, blouses, suits, ties, hats, etc.

    Of course, the defence of the women is that they wear the feminine version of these items. That may be true, but in analogy to that, i would like to wear a masculine version
    of female items such as dress, tights, skirts and heels. But where are the masculine versions of these? i don’t know. There aren’t any, since society doesn’t accept that.

    Speaking of double standards.

    The cause is in the emancipation/feminism. In the past things were clear. Men wore trousers and women wore skirts or dresses. Emancipation was meant to eliminate the difference in status which existed between men and women. Women wanted to become equal to men. Since women had a lower social status than men, this was a sympathetic quest. Emancipation is all about women to act and dress more masculine. Women have succeed quite well in their quest to become equal to men, also in their clothing masulinity has found a solid base in their wardrobe.

    However, since women have gained status by acting and dressing more manly, this also implies that men who act and dress more feminine, suffer a loss of status. This is exactly the reason why everybody is objecting to this.
    It is about time that the men also start their emancipation!

    • Tre,
      This is obviously a touchy subject for you. I suggest you just “Do You” and have fun doing it.

    • Treintje

      No, it’s not a touchy subject for me. Personally i don’t mind that people don’t like the idea of me dressed feminine. Although most people i meet actually respond quite nice and admiring when they actually see it.

      The thing is, it’s a touchy subject for a lot of people, since these discussions keep emerging from time to time. There seems to be a trend and a lot of people don’t like that.

      That’s fine, but what’s bothering me, is the fact that the discussion isn’t pure or fair in the sense that the arguments presented are often based on double standards.
      But i think i have made my point, so enough is enough.

      Thanks for your response.

  • Ash

    LMAO @Sheila! To each his own! I am not judging a man for wearing heels. Do I find men in heels attractive? Definitely NOT! To each his own though! We were made different for a reason. What works for one person may not work for another. Accept it and move on.

    • Treintje

      Thanks, but i can understand Sheila. I must say i did post a whole lot of responses, more than i meant to, but that’s a handicap of me, lol.
      I can perfectly understand that you don’t find men in heels attractive. A lot of women don’t. However most men don’t find women in sneakers or Uggs attractive either. So you’re right: to each his own.

      What you say is interesting: We were made differently. True. But yet the trend is that diferences are slowly fading away. Women have already become more masculine and women are continously mixing masculine elements in their fashion. And at the moment men are starting to become more feminine. I’m not saying what is right or wrong, i don’t have an opinion about that. As long as the discussion is pure and honest, that is. I just find it an interesting development and i am curious to see where it eventually leads to.