The New York Times recently reported on a rising fashion trend among men: heels. Heels are becoming mainstream for men to wear out on the town just as often as women wear them. The look is not just effeminate men or men in drag either as society would have us assume. Many straight men are adopting the look as well.

Heels on men can be paired with a dress shirt and fitted jeans as seen on celebrity hairstylist, Derek J. or with a loose tee and slacks like Sean Wagner. Believe it or not, heels were considered a sign of nobility in France until Napoleon banned it. Today, heels can benefit the contemporary man who wants to emulate a taller and more statuesque frame.

Wagner, in particular, believes heels have nothing to do with sexuality: “I always make it very clear that I am a man, and I’m not trying to portray an illusion to anybody. As far as we’re concerned, this is just bringing a look to a club — which is what you are supposed to do,” he told The New York Times.

He makes a valid point but will the new trend withstand stereotypes that associate men in heels with femininity? What do you think of men in pumps? Should it be more accepted by society or left to the women?

– Krystal Homes

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