Once again, Hollywood power item Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are making big moves on the small screen. The Hollywood Reporter says the pair has just sold a multi-camera comedy to ABC, tentatively called the Untitled Romeo Project. In reference to the show’s star, singer Anthony “Romeo” Santos, the sitcom revolves around a Dominican American struggling to meld his traditional roots with a lifestyle of modernity. THR elaborates, the comedy centers on “a charismatic Dominican-American (Romeo) from Washington Heights, who tries to please his very traditional, immigrant father while also creating a life that reflects his new vision of the American Dream. (While the character differs significantly from the singer’s real life, the father-son relationship is reminiscent of Romeo’s with his father.)”

Although the Smith’s may have collected the check, the program must be ordered to series for it to be produced. If that were to occur, it would be one of a growing list of projects by duo’s Overbrook Entertainment such as films like The Karate Kid, The Secret Life of Bees, Broadway’s Fela!, and defunct programs HawthoRNe and All of Us.

Another sitcom by a hip hop rooted celeb may be coming to a TV near you via NBC. THR stated that Snoop may very well star in a new sitcom that tells a story of a “father and his family of misfit children.” The rapper teamed up with veteran sitcom producer Don Reo (My Wife and Kids, Two and a Half Men) and sold the show to NBC, which would make Snoop both producer and star of the proposed half-hour slot.

This isn’t Snoops first foray into TV, and his past ventures may give a clue as to what to expect if NBC actually airs the series. In 2002 he brought us Doggy Fizzle Televizzle – a comedy for MTV – and more recently, Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood, E!’s reality series chronicling the misadventures of his family.

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